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Volkswagen is launching a series of R models in 2014, and each year, the brand bring dealers from across Australia together for a training event. The theme of 'Performance' unites the five cars on display, and we used this word to great theatrical effect. 



2014 Volkswagen Academy Product Experience



Converting a convention hall into an intimate setting for 40 guests at a time, we created an atmosphere that was simplistic, down to earth and matched the technical nature of these training workshops. We were inspired by the white rectangular parallelogram of the R line logo, and brought that to life through multiple touch points.


Simple LED lighting effects and bare metallic rigging structure transformed the word 'performance' into  a looming monolithic installation, suspended over guests as if to remind them of the power and allure that lies beneath each Volkswagen R line car.


The bare nature of the set also reflects the practical sensibility that comes with running multiple back

to back workshops within the same location over a week, and the circumstances that came with

project that went from pitch to delivery in under three weeks.



2014 Golf R Media Launch 


Concurrently at a separate event, we helped Volkswagen launch their new Golf R, against

a white set. The clean lines of the structure ensured a uniform and sleek look that matched the 

standards of 'form and function.'



Creative Direction: Lee Changzhi


Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide

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