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Copyright 2019 Lee Changzhi

In 2013 I dreamt up a dangerous manifesto for the 21st century: 

"The pursuit of perfection is an oxymoron

because the journey is equally as important as the goal."   

"What will you do with your blank piece of paper?"



This call to action is provocative because it requires the individual to come up with an idea. To create something no one else has ever done before. The pioneers of flight didn't stop after drawing on a piece of paper, they pushed hard to bring it to fruition. Over and over again. 







Our single minded idea was born, now we had to find a way to showcase the perfect with the imperfect harmoniously, and bring it to life experientially. 


Starting with a blank piece of paper, we began to fold and fold again until we got the perfect bird. What resulted was 467 origami attempts before it was perfected. Rather than discarding the imperfect ones, we celebrated and showcased them because it is the process, 'the pursuit for perfection' that truly counts. 


We devised an atrium installation, a homage to the idea of aspirations in flight, and the relentless attempt to make each day better. The space served to host and welcome clients, showcasing our values and tenacious work ethic instantaniously.


Part art, part storytelling, part marketing. 




Creative Director / Writer / Video / Installation Coordinator: Lee Changzhi


Graphics: Alina Tadevosyan 


Voice over: Thomas Manion