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Philosophy & Approach

Too often, workshops, training and product launch events are reduced to long sessions of powerpoint presentations filled with data, strategy and awkward networking; 

organized in silos and tightly packed into an overwhelming agenda. 


I take a different approach. 





It all starts with telling a story.


The story of a single person. Maybe it is your brand, your client, or your customer. Basically, a human. Let's map out their aspirations, fears and dreams on a blank piece of paper, and imagine how it would look like in a physical, spacial environment, along with a whole suite of characters, personas and themes.


We then holistically tie it into one continuous narrative,

from invitation to thank you card.   



Let's start at the beginning... 

What if... you could turn overused buzzwords and dry presentations on their heads and use them as a metaphorical starting point to develop an immersive theatrical experience that is... part entertainment,

part role-playing, part training workshop, where attendees learn along

the way, and determine the narrative's outcome at the end?  





Keep the plot and narrative simple, so that it is easy

for your audience

to empathize with...

How about... we throw in small carrots of inspiration (and facilitation) to help attendees imagine their future? 


How about developing spaces and scenarios that help them see new possibilities, then reconfiguring these environments and outcomes to guide them on the path to uncovering bold new stories, visions and strategies?




It's the hidden subplots

and unnoticed paths,

that produce

 unexpected results

Take a hard look at yourself, and step into the shoes of another. Put on a costume, get into character! A villain! A hero! A damsel in distress!

A mysterious plot twist...


People are split off into teams and get competitive! How will attendees solve and overcome unexpected roadblocks along the way?


Time is short and budgets are tight. We need to innovate. 


Ready, set, action!    



Use characterization and

role-playing to help your audience step in the shoes

of another person

Finally, self-determination. Never underestimate how your audience might develop their own vision and choose their path forward.

However your story ends at the conclusion of this immersive learning event, it is just the beginning of a longer journey.  



To boldly go where

none has gone before! 

Consider developing tools and frameworks and continue checking in with your team, long after the meeting is over. People need to build their own capacity to transform, constantly, in order to achieve their ambitions and make an impact.

The journey has just begun!

I believe live experiences inspire purpose, and with that, transformation. 

There is a spark —sometimes hidden initially, that gets uncovered during the course of this adrenaline filled experiential journey. 


That spark drives every organization, and every human. Live experiences tailored to your audience is a unique way to make meaningful, lasting, and effective change.


Creative Capabilities include:


Consulting, Workshop Theming & Framework Design, Brand Strategy, Gamification, Storytelling,

Theatrical Experiences, Scriptwriting & Casting, Scenic Design, Soundscapes, Event Planning & Production.




With all that said,

shall we go on an adventure together?

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