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" When attendees arrived at the at the 2019 Tax Free World Association Summit, we wanted them to experience skincare in a whole new light." 



Red Paper
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What are young Asian women facing today when it comes to their skincare? 

"Young asian, female executives are fundamentally different customers who want a very different type of relationship with the brand. Our task, is to train sales staff new methods of showcasing the latest skincare products and how they help overcome stress, fatigue, humidity and cold weather. "


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It starts with uncovering the core of the travel consumer who moves fast and is time crunched in an airport environment. We worked to understand what is important to this type of consumer and how to reach out to them. Our strategy resulted in us placing the young executive woman at the heart of the experience. To her, confidence and independence is what drives them each day. Like a red rose, we developed a consumer journey that uncovers the 'multiple layers' of the brand truths to get into the center of the the purchase experience.


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Tax Free World Asia Summit 2019


The client rolled out a new brand new and feel for their pavilion at the annual Tax Free World Association summit, and we were tasked with bringing it to life experientially for over 5000 delegates who would attend. Part of the brief was to develop a customer experience that would showcase how the brand was overcoming some of the key stressors of everyday life that young, Asian women face.


We began the process by coming up with a unique point of view - that every touchpoint that guests experienced will be from a place of empathy. Attendees were invited to move through to the core of who real women were, and encounter their own authentic moment with the brand. 


The pavilion also served as a 'train the trainer' program for department store associates on the latest products, shelving units and sales techniques. 


Environmental Design, Visual & Creative Direction: Lee Changzhi

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 


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