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" Edgy, raw, masculine and dynamic. The task was simple. How do you create a visual experience that empowers each attendee to feel like this is ground-zero for innovation, and that it all starts here?"






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A Global Conference Co-Created By Attendees 

Every year, the annual Intel Developer Forum descends on San Francisco in the summer. Our team was tasked with usual digital technology to segment our audience so that each attendee could customize their own journey when they arrived at the vast Moscone Convention Center. Taking the user experience as the key theme for the customer experience, our team produced the conference tagline ‘Developed By You’ to anchor every touchpoint in the attendee journey.

We intrigued over 25,000 attendees in the months leading up to the event with a microsite where they had the opportunity to co-create with Intel exactly what they would like to see at the conference. Using UX gamification technology, we designed an entire virtual world for attendees to drag, drop, and build their vision of what the develop forum could look like on a microsite months ahead of the event. We then use those crowdsourced ideas as the basis for building out the floor plan and layout of the convention halls, booths and various breakout zones.


" As everything becomes smart and connected, computing becomes an extension of you."

- Brian Krzanich, CEO Intel Corporation 



Santa Clara-based Intel Corporation rolled out a new brand look and feel in 2015, and we were tasked with bringing it to life experientially for over 25000 delegates at the annual developer forum at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Part of the brief was to develop a customer experience that would showcase how the internet of things, so ubiquitous with Intel, could be showcased at the venue.


We began the process by coming up with a unique point of view - that every touchpoint that guests experienced will be co-created by them. It eventually evolved into the theme of IDF 2015, which was 'Developed By You'. From large-scale projection surfaces where guests could upload their pictures to supergraphics and the 'experience pad' where guests could hang out and connect with others, every visual element brought out the egalitarian nature of technology. 


It does not matter your language, age or culture, we invite you to come design your own Intel experience. 


Environmental Design, Visual & Creative Direction: Lee Changzhi

Agencies: Jack Morton San Francisco, INVNT, The Taylor Group, John Halloran Associates

Venue: Moscone Center, San Francisco 


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