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Let's Go!


Every year, Campbell’s brings together their sales and marketing team for a conference.As new challenges face this organization, the organizing committee came to us with a brief for an event that will re-energize their teams, challenge their employees, and tell the storyof Campbell’s in a refreshing way.


2011 has been a challenging year for Campbell’s Arnott’s Australia. With the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market changing at a rapid pace, it was important for their sales team to see their brand in a new lens. At their annual sales and marketing conference at the Gold Coast, Australia, they requested for a theme that would call out in the ‘hero’ within each of us.


In essence, this conference was a call to bravery.


The creative team was tasked to:


- Come up with a phase or theme that would capture the flexibility and agility of where Campbell’s wants to head towards.


- Create an identity around that word that would be brought to life at the events through collateral, environments, food, lighting and atmosphere


.- Create a team building activity that has a strong ‘call to action’.- Put Campbell and Arnott’s products front and center in the experience.



Creative Direction: Tom Manion / Lee Changzhi


Agency:  Jack Morton Worldwide



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