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"We seek to produce the most democratic and inclusive celebrations ever in 2014."





Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony: 

'Put Children First' Segment 






Jack Morton creatives from around the world came together to consider and brainstorm how we could produce the most 'inclusive' and 'welcoming' ceremonies when the 2014 Commonwealth Games came to Scotland.


The answer was simple: Imagine using social media in a whole new way. Let's get virtual volunteers (a world's first) to sing, dance, perform and contribute from their own homes across many time zones. Everyone is welcome, and everyone can join in.


What resulted was a 5 minute segment during the Opening Ceremony called 'Put Children First.'


Partnering with UNICEF and Sir Chris Hoy, Eric Whitacre conducted a virtual choir with thousands of singers across the world performing his hit 'What If'. As they sang, 25,000 guests in the stands donated to the charity via their smartphones, and raised their devices in the air. Across the stadium, a spontanious galaxy of twinkling lights created a visual spectacle.




Creative Assistant (ideation phase): Lee Changzhi 


Executive Artistic and Creative Director / Head of Ceremonies: David Zolkwer


Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide


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