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A multi-screen, multi-sensory B2B sales event taylored for a new, evolving youth cultural brand.



Agency: INVNT 




The Brief:


ABC Family, the beloved, youth oriented arm of ABC Networks / The Walt Disney Company engaged INVNT to develop the creative content and environment of their 2015 Upfront. Focusing on building a message around the key demographic of Millennials, we crafted an event that brought to life the stories, experiences and moments that best connect with them. 


Raw, authentic and dynamic, we look at how we could immerse guests into the brand’s content itself.  

Quick Facts:



Business to Business / Upfront / Brand Launch / Event Production



ABC Family 



Immersing the audience in a new brand look and feel, transforming the new ABC family look into a three dimensional scenic environment that was compelling, interactive, and constantly moving. We were challenged to produce a thrilling inaugural upfront for ABC Family, helping provide a powerful connection between their new target market and programming, and a dazzling brand refresh.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.52.43 AM.png

 INVNT transformed a raw warehouse space into the perfect environment to showcase ABC Family’s new programming and reflect the personality of their target audience. The audience of 400 advertisers and media VIP’s watched the action on a custom-built curved stage with a 30-foot runway leading to a large custom built branded circular bar. Presentations and video content were viewed on a massive 12-foot x 21-foot hero screen surrounded by 19 LED screens, enabling 20 simultaneous images to be featured. Every scenic and visual element echoed the palpable energy and excitement of ABC Family’s new lineup and brand refresh.


We collaborated on all creative aspects of the upfront from large-scale design like color, font and texture, to all the onscreen presentations, video and graphics.

The Volkswagen 7:


Juxtaposing the curves, we worked with set builders to create a giant number 7 to stand in the entry way as guests arrived. We wanted to reflect the values of the brand - iconic, simple, sleek, yet proudly display the fact that we are launching the 7th iteration of this vehicle model.


Every touch point was crafted around our consumers, who engage media unlike any other generation. 


 Alongside the creative visionary, DJ Porter, we crafted a super-charged opening that highlighted ABC Family’s content and target audience.


An innovative, wildly original 2-minute video produced by our creative team perfectly communicated ABC’s new messaging by connecting the upfront talent and themes directly to the demographic.


Title. Double click me.

The Results:

 INVNT’s prodigiously confident creative vision and strategic producing far exceeded expectations and forged a strong client relationship that includes ongoing work like the creation of a groundbreaking, nonlinear presentation for the yearlong ABC Family Sales Team Roadshow. 

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