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“Brand an event that will help us launch our program, in a big way. We want to help students get a taste of why we are unique!”


All angles, surronding, all encompassing

Everywhere, Everyhow


All senses touched, A sensorial experience

No Idea Is Easy To Realise

Great Impertus To Push On

Something hits suddenly!

360 People, Teamwork

A full spectrum of color and emotions

Numbers, Mathematics

What is the best word

to describe design?

360 Degrees.

No Great Thing Is Created Suddenly

Screen shot 2014-05-24 at AM 08.01.54.png

The Event Narrative:

The Brief:

Nanyang Tech University is an educational institution that has prided itself on mathematics, science and engineering. So when a new design program was introduced in 2008, the University wanted to launch it in a big, iconic way. One of the fringe events planned was an informal open house party to welcome non-design students to explore the new school and see how design education was ‘different’. What did that mean? Perhaps taking some really boring classrooms and turning them into unique and creative spaces!

Quick Facts:


Scope: Experiential Branding / Strategy & Event Production


Client: Nanyang Tech University, School of Art, Design and Media.


Challenge: We are a new program opening in a bustling university of over 10,000 students. We want to showcase what the essence of design is through a launch event on a tight budget. We want science, engineering and medical student in the community to attend, and get to know us better. Event Design Budget: 2000 Dollars

Attributes of a successful event:

When it came to choosing the location, nothing screems 'learning' like classrooms. Taking three rooms side by side, we redesigned each room to reflect a different feeling and story.

As the evening arrived and thelights came on, the building turned into a dramatic stage... Students from all parts of the university were amazed to see how once ordinary classrooms were transformed into party spaces.

“Find beauty not only in the thingitself but in the pattern of the shadows,the light and dark which that thing provides.”

Title. Double click me.

The Results:

“I have never seen something so ephemeral leave such a permanent legacy on our young program...One year later, people are still talking about that night!”


- Deborah Alden, Academic Chair and Professor


“This event really altered the ideaof what a classroom needs to be - that it can be creative, fun and transformative.”


- Xiu Rue, Engineering Student


"The program has made a connectionwith the larger community. We left an impression that we are the cool school!"


-Jin Ping, Student at the School of Art, Design & Media





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