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Client: Volkswagen Group Australia

Creative Direction: Lee Changzhi / Tom Manion

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide



The Brief:


Volkswagen is launching a series of two Golfs in 2013, the Golf 7 and the Golf 7 Performance. Jack Morton Worldwide has been tasked to come up with a consumer experience that brings the brand, the car and the test drive to life for car dealers across Australia.

Quick Facts:



Business to Business / Experiential Branding / Test Drive / Launch / Event Production



Volkswagen Group Australia



Jack Morton has the opportunity to launch the new Volkswagen Golf 7 to car dealers in Australia. Designed out of Sydney and executed in Melbourne, the challenges included bringing the essence of the latest rendition of the Golf to life over three environments and three moods in an interstate location: A dinner party, an unveiling ceremony and a test drive.

The 6 things we heard the client say...


• We would really like a ‘premium’ activation that would compliment the clean brand guidelines of the brand.


• A unique opportunity to create the audience journey across three days and three different ‘moods’.


• Business to Business communication: excite car dealers to sell the Golf 7.


• Bring to life an experience that makes the car culturally relevant to Australia.


• Measurement in terms of ‘strengthening the relationship between dealer and Volkswagen’.


• Dealers walk away feeling confident that they know how to sell the Golf 7 in their local markets.



Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.52.43 AM.png

The surf is an iconic element of Australian culture. We began the creative process by drawing parallels between the energy of

the surf with the speed and agility of the Volkswagen Golf 7.


We designed a set and visual feel around the curve of ocean waves, and found a venue right on Melbourne's St. Kilda's beach to compliment the experience.


The Volkswagen 'curve' will set

the mood at St. Kilda's Beach,

the venue of the Golf 7 launch.

The Volkswagen Curve:


Inspiration from the iconic Australian surf was used to design the set, the branded video and graphic treatment used throughout the three-day event.

The Volkswagen 7:


Juxtaposing the curves, we worked with set builders to create a giant number 7 to stand in the entry way as guests arrived. We wanted to reflect the values of the brand - iconic, simple, sleek, yet proudly display the fact that we are launching the 7th iteration of this vehicle model.

Each visual element was built out of the simple number 7.

Every single visual element was built out of the simple number 7. Words were used on their own to distinguish the simplicity and directness of the Volkswagen brand. This was extended to menus, cutlery and take home gifts.

Every space reflected the purpose and scale of the Volkswagen Golf 7. Each venue was marked by an illuminated 7, at the dinner venue, the unveiling, and at the test drive centre.

Title. Double click me.

The Results:


- More than 500 dealers from across Australia attended this activation.


- We crafted an event across three locations and three days.


- Transformed the main conference space to accommodate various groups of attendees at different times.


- Took care of the needs of all attendees and acted as hospitality agents on behalf of the client.


- Launched the Volkswagen Golf 7 into the Australian market.

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