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Client: BlackBerry Limited

Creative Direction: Lee Changzhi / Tom Manion

Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide



The BlackBerry Experience Forum 2013

The Brief:


BlackBerry is launching the Z10 and Q10 model in Australia. Jack Morton has been tasked to create an experience that would facilitate demonstration of this new phone alongside the visit of the company’s CEO to Sydney. Transform the space into two distinct zones (work and play) to showcase the duality of the new model.


Our secondary role was to aid in the transformation of Research In Motion to BlackBerry Limited, as the company transitioned in its corporate name concurrent with the launch of their new phone.

Quick Facts:



Business to Business / Business to Consumer / Showcase / Launch / Event Production



BlackBerry Limited



Jack Morton has the opportunity to launch the new BlackBerry 10 in Australia, along with the repositioning of Research In Motion as BlackBerry Limited. We were tasked with created an environment that would foster the new brand name, as well as provide the atmosphere that would be conducive for B2B interaction, followed by a B2C launch party and private media interviews with the visiting CEO.

The 6 things we heard the client say...


• We would really like an event that would compliment the global roll out of the BlackBerry 10, and showcase the revolutionary

  nature of the latest BlackBerry device.


• A unique opportunity to create an experience for three vastly different audiences: Telecom Dealers, Consumers

  and the Australian Media.


• Create a showcase that will position BlackBerry as ‘partners’ with local Telecommunications providers.


• Bring to life an experience that makes BlackBerry culturally relevant to Australians.


• Manage the relationship between competitors (for example, Telstra and Optus will be displayed at the same event.)



Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.52.43 AM.png

Our Vision: The Star Theatre transforms into BlackBerry Universe

“It is all about work-life balance. BlackBerry has always cornered the corporate market around the world. Now, with our new phones, we want to emphasise that it is about play as well.”


Our first approach to this event was to find the ‘balance’ between two distinct atmospheres. The feeling of work, and the feeling of play. We took two primary brand colors of BlackBerry, blue and pink, and used it to symbolize every touch point through those two colors. We envisioned an entry tunnel, where guests will get to choose between ‘Business and Personal’ and move into different areas to experience the product in completely different ways.

Our first step was to present to the client various mood imagery that fit into their required look and feel, where the Blackberry device sat the 'centre' of the universe.


We split the Star Theatre into two spaces - the ‘work' space, where the keynote plenary was held, along with a 'play' space, styled as the phone showcase. We also designed that space to function both as an exhibitor (trade show) booth environment, with the flexibility to quickly transform into a consumer/media facing after-party. We worked to ensure a white-lock against a black surface for all 24 BlackBerry partners that exhibited within the showcase.

The Customer Journey, inspired by the 'BlackBerry Flow' :


The BlackBerry Flow is the design sensibility of the new phone. We designed each space to 'flow' seamlessly into the next, in a series of high impact rooms.

We rendered a step by step guide through the consumer experience to guide the client through the BlackBerry Experience Forum flow.

Work versus Play, and the seamless flow that connects

the two into one.

Like the device, guest moved seamlessly from one experience

to the next, bringing the vison of 'BlackBerry Flow' to life.

Title. Double click me.

The Results:


- More than 1500 delegates from across Australia attended this launch.


- Event crafted to facilitate discussion between BlackBerry’s CEO and local Telecommunication agents.


- Over 100 local and Asia-Pacific media covered the launch, featured at the top of the news in Sydney and Melbourne.


- Employees from three major competing Telcos were trained in using the new product on site.


- Tied event in with BlackBerry’s local sponsorship for the Melbourne F1 Race, which ran concurrently to the device launch.

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