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Creative Direction: Lee Changzhi

Agency: Weber Shandwick Australia /Jack Morton Worldwide



The secret of the capsule unveiled

The Brief:


Create a high-brow experience that aligns with Nespresso Australia’s existing above the line campaign ‘Nespresso Moments’ in order to put everyday coffee drinkers at the centre of attention.

Quick Facts:



Experiential Branding / Tasting / Event Production



Weber Shandwick, McCann Worldwide, Nespresso Australia



Jack Morton and Weber Shandwick have the opportunity to work with two of our sister agencies. We had the challenge tocome up with a creative that fit across the needs of all three agencies, their expectations and ultimately please the client and their customers.

The 6 things we heard the client say...


• We would really like a ‘premium’ activation that would put the everyday Australian at the centre of the experience.


• A unique opportunity to work with Weber Shandwick Australia and McCann Worldwide Australia


• Line up this experiential campaign with an existing above the line creative


• Bring to life an experience that embodies the existing ATL theme ‘Nespresso Moments’


• Cater this experience to public audience that involves tasting new products


• Hold activation in a public location and attract social media attention

We began the creative process by distilling the word MOMENTS into three stages, building the idea around the unwrapping of a simple black box.

 We used the box to chart the customer journey:


1) There is the stage of intrigue, when we are aware of an opportunity to be surprised.


2) Next comes the reveal - the moment when one encounters the product in a new way.


3) Finally comes affirmation, where the moment is captured and shared.

We designed the template of the structure based on the dimensions of the Nespresso Emblem and Monogram.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.52.43 AM.png

At the concept stage, we were greatly inspired by the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay, Sydney. Designing the pop-up cafe to sit in front of the building, and elevating coffee to the level of art.


We envisioned a moment when the sun sets behind the museum and the box comes alive with the faces of everyday Australians.

Throughout the process, we designed the experience as a window frame into a different world - where the hustle of everyday life suddenly slows down, and every customer is welcomed to explore the depth and heritage of Nespresso.


We used the existing Above-The-Line Campaign to influence our final outcome.

"Each guest was treated like a star, down to the smallest detail.

It's Nespresso, what else would one expect?"

The Results:


-  More than 12,000 consumers intrigued to enter and experience the Momento, and get rewarded with a free coffee across two installations in Melbourne and Sydney.


- Over 6,000 consumers posed for a picture and shared their ‘moment’ with Nespresso, becoming the face of the brand to their friends.


- Photos were posted to their Facebook page making them the ‘star’ of the brand to their friends.

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