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BMW 14

The BMW 7 LCI has a long illustrious history over seven iterations. This experience offers exclusive guests a unique opportunity to learn about the past, present and future of the vehicle. We were tasked to design and immersive learning journey that allowed each attendee to customize their own adventure, and discover what the number 7 means to them. 


Through the theme ‘guided by light’, we imagined a journey that created a larger than life emotion for our guests, so that when they come up close and personal with the wonder of this groundbreaking vehicle, it would be as if they are coming face to face with an icon unlike any other.  


This is an event that needs no unique name. This is a club that needs no further introduction. We have decided to keep the intrigue, and draw your audience to create their own journey as they navigate through a slither of gold light, into a world guided by their five senses. 

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The primary event space is divided into four distinct sections. Guests begin their learning journey navigating the historical models of the car, enter through a tunnel of light and head into the pre-function area, where they are guided by brand ambassadors to customize their own story. The launch zone provides a 360 turntable environment for attendees, along with seven fabric surfaces for elements of the vehicle to be projected on. Finally, an atelier studio is reveled at the end of the experience, where attendees can view their digital customized cars on display. 


"Each touch point has been created so that your clients have a highly individualized experience based on their needs, desires and aspiration. This is truly a car launch created with their ‘Grand Presence’ in mind."   

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Singapore Launch of the BMW 7 Series LCI, 2019


Consumers want a two way conversation with the brands they buy. It’s about a deep relationship that is built over time. Imagine consumers receiving a personalized text message or digital invite that entices them to communicate directly with the BMW 7.  

A conversation begins, where the BMW 7 personally begins to tease attendees about the qualities of the car, and invites them to an exclusive evening for a one on one experience unlike any other. Starting off with a social media campaign, each guest interacts directly via an app as if they were conversing with the car. At a designated time slot and date, they show up to learn about the history of the vehicle and craft their own story of what is to come. 

Customer Experience Design, Visual & Creative Direction: Lee Changzhi


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